Challenge to Rest

The challenge for the next two weeks is drawn from the value of discipline. Intentional rest requires a high degree of discipline. The challenge has three parts:

1) Sleep – Sleep for at least seven hours each night. Go to bed by 10 pm at least one night and, if your work and class schedules permit, sleep in at least one morning until you cannot sleep anymore and you feel completely rested.

2) Sabbath – Devote an entire day to Sabbath rest. Do no work on this day. Instead, rest in God and spend time in His presence. Head outdoors, go for a walk, and replace your usual escape-like resting activities with something slower-paced. 3) “As you go” – Evaluate the effect that restfulness has on your ability to be attentive and engaged in the world around you. Capitalize on these opportunities to be fully present, and treat our everyday interactions with the same attitude that we treat our rest.