Spiritual Formation Institute


Usually translated “blessed”, this word comes from a root that means to walk down a path or be guided somewhere. It implies direction. Blessedness is not the absence of pain nor a surplus of pleasure. Blessedness is the meaning-filled joy of progress toward something good. Ashrei accompanies those on a journey, it doesn’t await the destination.

The Way

Three hundred years before Christianity became a religion, Jesus taught and lived the Way. Jesus’ students – fellow travelers in the Way – were known as philosophers. They lived and taught the philosophy of Jesus. Ashrei invites individuals to learn life from Jesus.

Friendship with God

Life in the Way cultivates a conversational friendship with God. Jesus taught his students to re-embark on the “walk before God” from which Adam hid, which Enoch and Noah trod, and to which Abram was called. From Jesus on, innumerable people have discovered God’s friendship by walking with him. Ashrei invites people to rediscover God’s voice in that ageless caravan.

Entering the Kingdom

The kingdom of God is what God is doing. God’s project is unfolding right under our noses. We’re all invited to join in. Co-working with God requires us to be more attentive than strategic. Paradoxically, life becomes more effective as we walk and work with the Father. Ashrei invites people to notice and to join with God’s activity wherever they’re at.


The biblical word Koinonia means what is shared in common as the basis of fellowship or community. We share so much in common and respectfully hold the beauty of our diversity. The essential meaning of Koinonia embraces concepts of relationship, cooperative participation, sharing, closeness and intimacy. When God comes to us, he always comes with His arms around his friends. Our spiritual formation is not a solitary journey, but one joyfully shared with others.

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