Is it possible to become like Jesus?

We say yes, but we cannot do it alone.

Our healing and transformation occurs by the Grace of God and with the guidance of the Spirit. However, we CAN do some things that help us open our hearts more widely to the Spirit’s transforming presence. Often described as “disciplines for the spiritual life,” these activities enable thus to place our lives more consciously before God so that we can be changed.

These practices below are ones that can be observed in the life of Jesus. We follow His model, doing what He did behind the scenes, so that we can live as He lived in the heat of the moment. Many of these practices serve as a remedy for some ailment of the soul that we cannot change on our own. We cannot take away the anger from our hearts, but we can practice gratitude. This is the theory of change by indirection. We do what we can to change what we can’t on our own.

There are many ways to incorporate the practices of Jesus in your own life. Pick one to incorporate for a week or a month, then try another. Do them by yourself, with your children, with a friend, or with a group. Notice which ones come more easily and which ones you struggle with. Notice the difference in your own person when you are living into a particular practice.

Which ones should become permanent in your life, in your family? Which ones will you grab onto for certain circumstances?

We invite you to choose one and begin!
Be sure to let us know how it goes for you!